Who is cems?

Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd (CEMS) is established since 1980. The company has been active in China since 2003, when it initiated the idea of Beijing International Tourism Expo and remained as the international organiser until 2016.

In 2017, CEMS decided reposition itself in the exhibition industry by inaugurating the Beijing International Travel Mart to help exhibitors take advantage of the ever-changing and dynamic tourism market landscape.

In China, CEMS organises other exhibitions such as the Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo, Wuhan International Tourism Expo, Chengdu International Tourism Expo and Xi’an International Halal Expo.

As a regional organiser with a global perspective, CEMS’ portfolio of exhibitions span many countries in South East Asia, including Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam as well as other Asian countries like China, India and Pakistan.